Farm Care is providing world class products and collaborative service solutions for veterinarians and animals in veterinary care. We are committed to providing only the very best quality products, substandard does not feature in our vocabulary. Our devotion to animals extends beyond the boundaries of business in our relentless pursuit for improving the health of all animals large and small – this is a minimum standard we each individually work towards every day. We know, it sounds like a lot of hard work… but we believe in delivering only the very best.

We are leaders not followers. Our company is built on a collection of innovative ideas and a passion for continuous improvement. We challenge the status quo and take measured risks, exploring big and small ideas that improve our quality, delivery and cost performance daily. We provide meaningful value to our Customers with our product and service solutions.

We believe unity of purpose and teamwork enables us to do far more than we could individually. We draw strength from each other and communicate with fairness, candor, respect and courage – respectfully stating what we think even if it is unpopular. Our collaboration turns interesting ideas into great product and service solutions.